How To Disable the Proxy in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge

This guide shows how to disable the proxy in your browser, either by using the browser's custom settings or by using the system wide proxy settings.

A proxy is software that works as an intermediate between a web browser and a web server. A proxy can be used for many useful tasks, but some proxies inject unwanted advertising into web pages If you are trying to find the cause of unwanted ads, it can be useful to temporarily disable the web browser proxy and check if that stopped the advertising in your browser.

Please keep in mind that some machines should have a web proxy configured and disabling it could the make the web browser unable to load web pages. So, please make sure you know how to enable the web proxy again if that is needed.

So let's get started. You can find the step by step guide below. Which browser are you using when disturbed by unwanted ads?

If your browser is not listed, please poke me by posting a comment at the bottom of this page and I'll add instructions for your browser.

Mozilla Firefox

To disable the web proxy in Mozilla Firefox, please follow the steps below:

How to disable the proxy in Mozilla Firefox

  1. Type in about:preferences#advanced in the address bar
  2. Select the Network tab
  3. Click the Settings button. The Connection Settings dialog will pop up
  4. Select the No proxy radio button
  5. Click the OK button

Google Chrome

The Google Chrome web browser does not have its own setting for the proxy. If your copy of Windows is configured with a system proxy, Chrome will use it. Please read more on how to disable the system proxy.

Microsoft Edge

The Edge browser uses the system proxy and does not have a specific setting for the proxy. Please read more on how to disable the system proxy.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer does not have a separate setting for the proxy. Internet Explorer will use the system proxy if available. Please read more on how to disable the system proxy.

Hope this helped you disable the web browser proxy. Please let me know if there's anything I should add to the guide above to make it better. Thank you!


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How do you get it off of your phone a Samsung Galaxy 7 edge?

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how does it work on opera?

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@Max49: Thanks for the feedback! I'll try to find some time to update this guide with instructions for the Opera browser.

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